The Power of ZeroMark®

Enjoy unprecedented protection against almost every type of scuff, mark, or stain with our ZeroMark® Stain Resistance technology. This revolutionary innovation uses urethane compounds, ceramic particles, and another proprietary synthetic compound to provide unrivaled surface protection in the most demanding environments.

LVP/LVT Layers Explained

Next-Level Protection

With a UV coating, protective wear layer, and the power of ZeroMark® Stain Resistance, you can rest assured your floors are built to handle whatever life brings. From rowdy pups to permanent marker masterpieces that wipe right off the surface of your floors, they’re ready for anything.
They do everything they say they're going to do. I don't lie awake at night saying “What about that claim on our inventory?!”
- Dave Buck
Flooring Sales Manager, Palmer-Donavin
It's good for me as a distributor and wholesaler. I'll call with any size order and they'll work with me.
- Ryan Vaughn
Georgia Carpet Industries
They're always investing in their business and finding ways to deliver better product and service.
- Tracy Lassen
Partner & COO,
Moxie Flooring Distribution
Happy Feet always has stock. They do a great job getting containers in.
- Chet Carney
Carney's Carpet
When I have a question, they give straight answers every single time. That is huge for my business.
- Pam Delk
Aesthetic Director,
PedCor Companies
They're so good at explaining the details of their product. They've really come through for me on my deals.
- Cortie Wilson
Carpet Outlet LLC

Other Features & Benefits

kid friendly

Specially engineered surfaces, coatings, and wear layers keep Happy Feet vinyl floors safe for every member of your family.

Pet Friendly

Four-legged friends can lead to extra spills and accidents, but our durable wear layers keep your floors protected so you don’t have to worry.


Our tough, LVP planks are completely waterproof for surface spills and pet accidents, so your floors can stand up to whatever life brings.


This internationally-recognized certification ensures that our flooring products meet or exceed stringent air quality guidelines to keep you and your family safe and breathing clean air.


Bye, bye, germs! Through proprietary technology, our luxury vinyl plank is treated to deter the growth of harmful microorganisms that come in contact with its surface.

Scratch & Slip Resistant

Our floors are designed to meet national ASTM requirements for scratch and slip resistance, making them ideal for use in high-traffic commercial or residential spaces.

Samples Made Simple.

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