Glue Down

Perfect for large-scale projects, our glue down LVP provides the smart style and reliable performance commercial spaces need, across a variety of applications.

Best for...

  • High Traffic Areas: Glue Down LVP/LVT flooring is a suitable option for high-traffic areas, such as commercial spaces or busy households, where a securely bonded floor is desired for enhanced durability and stability.
  • Large Open Spaces: Large open areas often involve transitions between different rooms or sections. Glue Down LVP eliminates the need for transition strips between these areas, providing a smooth and uninterrupted surface.
  • Customization and Design Options: Glue Down LVP comes in a variety of styles and patterns, allowing for customization in design. This is beneficial in commercial spaces where aesthetics play a role in creating a professional and inviting environment.
  • Homes or Commercial Spaces that have rolling loads, such as wheelchairs or hospital beds: Glue Down LVP is best for spaces with rolling loads due to its enhanced stability and secure bond, providing a seamless, durable surface that withstands the constant pressure and movement associated with wheeled equipment. The lack of seams and transitions ensures a smooth and rigid flooring, minimizing the risk of wear, shifting, or damage.

Do not use if...

  • DIY Projects for People with Limited Experience: Glue Down installations can be more challenging for DIY projects, especially for individuals with limited experience. Achieving proper adhesive spread and avoiding mess requires skill and precision.
  • Temporary Installations: If you're looking for a flooring option that can be easily removed or replaced, glue down flooring may not be the best choice. It creates a more permanent bond, and removal can be labor-intensive.
  • Uneven Subfloors: Glue down flooring requires a smooth and even subfloor. Significant irregularities may affect the adhesive bond, leading to an uneven surface. In such cases, leveling or preparing the subfloor may be necessary.
  • Cost Considerations: Consider your budget and project requirements. In some cases, the cost of adhesive and the labor involved in a glue down installation may render glue down more costly than an alternative method.


For a job well done with no worries to come...

...use our Underlayment, Adhesives, and Primers. We want to make sure your glue down LVP install is a success. Find all the information you need to ensure things go smoothly through our detailed installation guides. 

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Care & Maintenance

Cleaning Tips

  • Sweep and/or vacuum floors thoroughly.
  • Dry mop using a microfiber mop pad, replacing pad often to ensure cleanliness.
  • Spray floors with a neutral pH cleanser and use a dry microfiber mop to clean.

LVP Construction

Our premium LVP products bring style and showstopping details to every flooring project, but it doesn’t end there. Happy Feet floors also offer quality construction built to handle all that life brings.

Features & Benefits

kid friendly

Specially engineered surfaces, coatings, and wear layers keep Happy Feet vinyl floors safe for every member of your family.

Pet Friendly

Four-legged friends can lead to extra spills and accidents, but our durable wear layers keep your floors protected so you don’t have to worry.


Our tough, LVP planks are completely waterproof for surface spills and pet accidents, so your floors can stand up to whatever life brings.


This internationally-recognized certification ensures that our flooring products meet or exceed stringent air quality guidelines to keep you and your family safe and breathing clean air.


Bye, bye, germs! Through proprietary technology, our luxury vinyl plank is treated to deter the growth of harmful microorganisms that come in contact with its surface.

Scratch & Slip Resistant

Our floors are designed to meet national ASTM requirements for scratch and slip resistance, making them ideal for use in high-traffic commercial or residential spaces.

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