Minimum Advertised Price Policy

The integrity of the Happy Feet name is everything to us. As such, we want to work alongside our network of dealers and distributors to preserve the quality and value of our products through economic shifts and industry changes.

Updated 01/01/24

Happy Feet International, LLC (the “Company”) has adopted this Minimum Advertised Price Policy (this “Policy”) to encourage all of its authorized dealers to promote the quality and value of the Company’s products.

The Company will distribute from time to time to its authorized dealers a list of its minimum acceptable price (the “MAP Price”) for each of its standard inventory products. The Company may modify its MAP Price from time to time but expects that it will circulate an updated MAP Price list to authorized dealers on an approximate calendar quarterly basis. Authorized dealers may obtain a copy of the current MAP Price list upon request.

As part of this Policy:

  1. No authorized dealer may advertise the Company’s products at prices less than the MAP Price.
  2. This Policy is universal and applies to all authorized dealers in all media and means of communication including, without limitation, internet sites, flyers, magazines, catalogs, television, radio, and public signage.
  3. This Policy does not determine the price at which products are actually sold. Authorized dealers may make sales at prices below the MAP price.
  4. The Company may terminate any authorized dealer who violates this Policy.

Any questions concerning this policy should be directed to Jim Curtin at Happy Feet International: 706-937-2500.
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You may download a copy of this policy here:

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